Cake Decorating with Fruit

"cake decorating with fruit"Fruit is healthy for us and we should make sure to get them in our diet each day in any way we can. Did you ever think of adding fruit to your cakes? I know cakes are not good for you but you can make them a little healthier by adding fruit to them. Fruit can be added to your cakes for decorations, and it is a great way to make sure we add fruit to our diet each day. Cake decorating with fruit can make your cakes look very beautiful, as well as much more healthy.

The taste of different types of fruits can blend very well with cakes, as long as you select the fruits that you use very carefully. You can also reduce the amount of sugar that you use in a cake if you use fruit, because fruit has natural sugar included with it.

Fruits can make your cakes more healthy, but they can also make them look much more beautiful and delicious. You can add either plain and natural fruit to your cakes, or you can sweeten the fruits with syrup first. This adds even more flavor to the fruit and to your cake. Adding fruit can make your cakes an even more tasty dessert.

Some of the most common fruits used for cake decorating are cherries and strawberries. You can also use other fruits like grapes, kiwi, and blueberries. You can also grate some lemon peel or use some fresh mint leaves to add great flavor to your cakes. Seedless dates and fresh figs can be mixed in with whipped cream to add special flavor to your cake.

When you decorate your cakes with fruit they should be handled a little differently. Once you add the fruit to your cake it should be served to your guests immediately. Any left over cake should be kept in your refrigerator. Cake decorating with fruit is a great way to add even more flavor to your cakes. Look through different cake decorating magazines for some inspiration on how you can make your own cakes with fruit.

Below are a few ideas that you can use when decorating your cakes with fruit.

Chocolate and strawberries go very well together. Make a layered chocolate cake and add a few strawberries to the top of the cake when you are finished. You can also add some cream-filled cookies that have been cut in half with cut strawberries to the sides of the cake. You can also place fruit between the layers of the cake. If you do not like strawberries you can use whatever fruit you like.

Bananas go well with a vanilla or banana-flavored cake. You can put vanillas between the layers of the cake, as well as on top of the cake.

You can also add nuts to go along with the fruits when cake decorating with fruits.


Glazes are made with fresh fruit and add a beautiful shine to your cake. Using a glaze also helps to keep fresh fruit in place where you put it, and to keep the fruit fresher for much longer. You can find many fruit glaze recipes online, but the simplest way to make it is to melt fruit jams on your stove over a very low heat until it reaches the desired consistency.

Candied Fruit

Candied fruit will last much longer than fresh fruit when you are cake decorating with fruit. Making your own candied fruit is very simple and requires that use only sugar and fruit. Mix together one part water with two parts sugar and bring it to a boil on your stove until you reach a sugary type syrup. Dip the fruit that you are using into the syrup for approximately 30 minutes.