Cake Decorating

"cake decorating"Cake decorating is looked upon as an art by many people from around the world. Many people attend cake decorating contests or baking show type competitions in some parts of the world. Basically, cake decorating is an art where a person uses a type of frosting or icing and other decorations to turn a plain cake into something much more beautiful and visually appealing. Cakes are typically round or square, but can also be turned into people, places or things.

In many parts of the world cakes that have been decorated are used as a part of many different types of celebrations, such as birthday parties, graduation, wedding, anniversary, or bridal showers. Cakes are sometimes even given as a gift. Cakes can also be used on several religious holidays and national holidays, as well as used to help promote a business.

Cake Themes

There are many themes when it comes to cake decorating. The most widely used theme is used for birthday parties and weddings. There are thousands of different themes that you can create. As the cake decorator, it is your job to create the perfect theme for the person that you are making the cake for. For example, if you are making a birthday cake for a child, there are many different ways you can go. You can create a themed cake showing the child’s favorite things, such as a princess cake or a baseball cake. You can also make a cake that is shaped like the child’s favorite character.

Cake Decorating as an Art

Fondant allows a cake decorator to express even more creativity when they are making their cakes. You can make fondant in any color you wish, and it is very soft and easy to use. A cake decorator can use fondant much like play dough to mold it into any shape they need. If you ever take a cake decorating class they will teach you how to make and use fondant in your cake decorating. Fondant is also used to completely cover a cake to create a very smooth professional finish. It is also used to create individual decorations for the cake. Gum paste is also a form of fondant that you can use to create a wide variety of flower type decorations for cakes. You can make fondant from scratch, purchase it in a box mix, or buy it pre-made.

Learning Cake Decorating

If you are interested in learning cake decorating there are many different ways you can do it. You can either take a class in your area, learn online, or learn through books. You can find many different tutorials online to show you how to do various cake decorating techniques. The best way for someone to learn, however, is more than likely through classes. If you are completely new to cake decorating, having someone show you how to do these different techniques in person is much easier than learning from a video online or from a book. Local colleges may give cake decorating classes, or you can contact local bakeries in your area to ask about classes they might give.

Cake decorating can be very fun to learn, but it does take time and patience. Some of the techniques are not easy to learn and does take time. You should start out slow and work your way up to harder techniques as you gain more and more experience. Work with the different types of frosting, such as buttercream, royal icing, fondant, etc., and how to spread frosting. Learn how to use the tools that are used in cake decorating, such as the piping bag. With time, you can learn the creative art skill of cake decorating.