Fondant Cake Decorating

"fondant cake decorating"Fondant is much like playing with play dough and it is great to decorate cakes with. Fondant cake decorating may seem difficult to work with at first, but with practice it will become much easier to you. You can easily roll it out and cut it into many different shapes, create great 3D designs of many different items and characters, and make it into any color you want. Once fondant is rolled out you can cut it into many different shapes, such as hearts, letters, or flowers. You can also make figures with fondant cake decorating such as dolls or clowns. You can start using fondant cake decorating by making your own fondant from scratch, or purchase ready to use rolled fondant from your local store or bakery.

Applying Fondant to Cakes

Once you have your fondant rolled out you can apply it to your cakes. This make take some practice, but once you get it right you will have a beautiful finish on your cake. The cake should be first properly prepared by lightly covering it with buttercream icing.

Knead the fondant so that it becomes a good consistency that you can work with before you roll it out. If it feels too sticky to you, you can add a little powdered sugar to it. Lightly dust your work surface to help prevent the fondant from sticking. You can also lightly dust your rolling pin with powdered sugar. Lift the fondant as you roll it to move it so that it will not stick. Keep added more powdered sugar as needed.

Very gently lift the fondant over the rolling pin to move and position it over your cake. Shape the fondant over the cake and sides. Start in the middle of the top of your cake, and then smooth the fondant very gently outwards and down the sides of the cake. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the fondant and that it is completely smooth. You can purchase a smoother to use to help you smooth it out. This can be purchased online or at a bakery shop. Trim off any excess fondant from around the bottom of the cake. The cake is now ready for you to decorate it.

Add Color and Flavor to Fondant

When you are tinting your fondant make sure you tint enough to cover your entire cake. It may be hard for you to make the same exact color again to match it. Add concentrated icing color a little bit at a time until you have the color that you desire. You can also purchase fondant that is already colored if you do not want to do this yourself. You can add any type of flavoring to your fondant that you wish. Vanilla or almond is common, as well as candy flavors. If you use any type of candy flavors add it only one drop at a time as it is very concentrated. You should only lightly flavor the fondant so that it does not take any flavor away from the cake.


Roll the fondant into a ball and knead until it is easy to work with and soft. Dip a toothpick into your icing color of choice and add dots of the color to the ball of fondant in several different areas.

Knead the color into the fondant ball. You may want to wear gloves so you do not tint your hands also during this process. Keep kneading the fondant ball until the color is well-blended. Add more color or flavor if needed.

Fondant cake decorating can be a fun experience, even if it seems difficult when you first start using it. Keep practicing and you will become very good at using fondant with cakes.